What lies behind the paper dress? – an evening of algae fabric and fashion consortiums

By suggestion of Germany Trade and Invest, Cordinata took part in the first of three evening events hosted by the Swedish Embassy in Berlin last week, bringing together fashion and science. This first occasion gathered a diverse crowd and the focus of the evening could be said to capture a myriad of hashtags such as #sustainablefashion, #sustainableconsumption, #ciruclareconomy and #fashionforward. More specifically, on this evening, ”all eyes were on fibre innovation”.
In a perfect blend of fashion and nature from the perspective of several initiatives such as Mistra Future Fashions, an interdisciplinary consortium bringing together 50 partners with the aim of bringing about change through circular processes, the spotlight was placed on how we as consumers can influence the industry to make better and more conscious choices in the production line. Speaking of production lines, we as an audience were also treated to a fascinating new take on how to bring organic algae’s into the very heart of what we wear by using dried algae powder when creating sustainable fibre (SeaCell). Along the same line, on the topic of “Design for Recycling” the initiative Smart Textiles disclosed a beautiful paper dress that made one really ponder the idea of wearing clothes from alternative fabrics. Finally, RISE Research Institute of Sweden, gave a very thought-provoking summary of how to create a revolution within the process of recycling both cotton and polyester.
An inspiring evening that delivered several new perspectives on the synergy between fashion and science, we look forward to delving deeper into this fascinating world!

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