Visiting the Future of Agriculture

Last week we spent some time in lovely Hannover at the Agritechnica fair, more specifically at the exclusive FOODnext conference. It was an intriguing afternoon as we delved deeper into the realm of AgTech and Digital Farming.
A combination of interesting keynotes, panel discussions and technology pitches allowed for a rewarding mix and as it covered a wide range of topics with everything from the idea of applying Blockchain technology in agriculture to the latest information on digital cure’s against pesticide resistance.
The afternoon further entailed interesting cases by representatives from for instance Metro, an active player engaging in corporate start-up cooperation’s in order to foster new technologies and to make consumers aware of emerging innovations with in the food industry.
Other trends that were detectable was the focus on data that seemed to provide an undercurrent for the topics discussed, as in most other verticals. The leading experts of the day were providing some thoughtful insight and predictions as to what trends one should immerse oneself into in order to stay ahead of the game.
Thanks to the guys at FOODnext for bringing together such an inspirational crowd!

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