Nathalie Nebelius’s, CEO and Co-Founder, previous employment as Growth Manager enabled her to work closely with a large group of international investors, industries and corporate VC’s. Her assignments included everything from marketing, fund raising,  business development, event coordinating to networking. She also previously worked at Lund University in the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics and holds a BA within the Environmental Field as an Environmental Assessor from Linnaeus University in Sweden, therefore she has a green fundamental base to complement her business experience.

Madeleine Persson, Co-Founder and Head of Communications, brings a different perspective as she comes from a background within Political Science and holds two BA’s in Peace- and Conflict Studies and Human Rights. Her previous employment as a B.A. entails various tasks such as quantitative and qualitative research, sourcing technologies and start-up companies, project management including running a start-up competition, marketing, coordinating and web editor. Having spent a semester abroad during her Master Studies, specifically with Save the Children International in Vietnam, Madeleine has a profound interest in social innovation and promoting green growth.