Cleantech Forum Europe

The crystal anniversary of Cleantech Forum Europe in Stockholm this May was an inspirational event to attend. The 15th edition of the biggest European showcase of innovations that are effectively blazing a trail to transform global industries in order for there to be a more resource efficient future, set the bar high.

Located this year at the enthralling Brewery Conference Centre Stockholm, the venue served its participants well. Divided between the different room at the venue it was possible to attend intriguing innovation showcases as well as sessions covering some of the most pressing issues of the contemporary world.

It was a 2-day surge of critical information on such diverse albeit coherent topics as Exponential Roadmaps: The Big Picture Realities of What Industrial Transformations Need to be Achieved in the 2020’s, Linking the Food Chain: How to Waste Less Food with On-Demand Logistic and Approaches to Assess and Measure Impact, Changing Clothes: The Circular Fashion Economy and the Circular Water Economy: Opportunity & Innovation.

It was made clear from attending Cleantech Forum Europe that there are many challenges that lay ahead. However, it was also made clear by the talk given on the Exponential Climate Action Roadmap, an outline of the global economic transformation required 2030 to meet the Paris Agreement on climate, that there indeed rare reasons to be optimistic as solutions do exist. A lengthier post on this crucial topic will be posted on our website in the coming week.

Thank you to the dedicated people working at Cleantech Group and we look forward to next year’s endeavour in Luxemburg!  

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