Busy times…

Busy times leaves us all wishing that the day had more than 24 hours so that we could accomplish all that we have set our minds to, however sometimes life interrupts and you find yourself writing a blogpost about an event a month after the fact.
We would still like to take this opportunity and draw some attention to the highly successful event that took place on the 28th of February 2018 at the Deutsche Technikmuseum in Berlin, curtesy of INAM (the International Network for Advanced Material) and its affiliates. The purpose of the event was to attract new members and to take stock of current members adhering their wishes for this year’s cycle of the AdMaCom (the Advanced Materials Competition hosted by INAM, find more information here).
The evening packed quite a punch in terms of content and the participants took part in everything from an inspirational tour of the museum’s aerospace exhibition to participatory table discussions where they hacked out among other things their dream start-up for the AdMaCom. During the evening we had the opportunity to listen to voices from both members and former AdMaCom attendees and everyone agreed that the outcome of last year’s cycle was a great success.
We would like to thank everyone involved and we are eager to follow this year’s efforts with great curiosity and admiration.

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