As usual, Stockholm delivered!

Last week, Cordinata travelled to Stockholm with the aim of visiting old friends as well as new opportunities, all the while attending the first edition of Ecosummit Stockholm.
Ecosummit displayed an abundance of brilliant innovative green start-ups together with select investors and corporates, here we had the opportunity to reconnect with some of the start-ups that we have been working alongside for the last couple of years. It is always exciting to see how products develop, business models change and marketing skills enhance. It is looking promising in many cases.
One of the most interesting aspects of this year’s summit was the panel discussion with both entrepreneurs and investors whom have been listed on First North as an alternative to seeking VC capital. It seems that this process has had several benefits and that all in all everyone was pleased with their decision. We at Cordinata are always thrilled to see that many ways to capital and growth is continuously opening for cleantech companies and hope to see more companies succeed in the years to come.
As autumn marches on, we are gearing up for our next adventure, see you at EPIC Venture Forum, AdMaCom Finals and Hightech Venture Days!

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